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Jordan Ashby

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by Jordan Ashby


Promo-snippets/quotes/description material 

Jordan Ashby is a folk rock singer/songwriter form Central Virginia, whose music is a product of growing up around great music and great musicians. Rhythmic guitar playing, a gritty voice that goes from high to low - loud to soft and a unique writing style all come together to give him an honest sound that can only be found in the homemade section. His live shows are usually just him and his acoustic guitar, but a violinist or upright bassist will often join him to perform as a duo, or trio, that will knock your socks off. 

Jordan's music is as real as it sounds. His music and lyrics are all written by him and come from life experiences that most of us can relate to.
"I'm not writing about any major life crises or accomplishments - just real life stuff, thoughts and feelings that most of us have had at some point. I get a kick out of hearing someone else explain something in a way that I haven't thought of before, and I think other people get a kick out of that too. When someone tells me that one of my songs explains how they feel about something/someone and, for that reason, it hits them in a special way... Pfff, that's the best thing ever - loads better than "Hey that guitar is awesome" - it doesn't compare. That's why I do it I guess, along with it just being super fun to sing and play guitar"
- Jordan "Roundman" Ashby





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Equipment/input: Solo/duo/trio


     Solo performance: Center - 2 inputs

               Acoustic Guitar - PRS w/t on-board Fishman pickups (volume and tone knob)
                               - Fender Rumble 15, 15-watt/8" bass amp (optional)
                               - Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III (optional)
                               - DI box (optional)  

               Vocals - Shure SM58 (optional)

               Processing - Mackie ProFX 4v2 4 channel mixer w/t effects (optional)

               Monitors - Shure 215_in-ear monitors w/t 20' extension


     Duo performance: 4 inputs

          Joined by Viola/violinist - stage right, Peddle-board, viola stand+mic
               Violin - on-board pickup - peddle-board - DI

               Viola - acoustic - captured with pencil mic(optional)

     Trio performance: 5 inputs

          Joined by Upright bassist - stage left - Bass+stand

                     Bass - on-board pickup - amp or DI




We help with promotional efforts for any show. Aside from the standard social media plugs and listing shows on Spotify and our website, we will sponsor targeted Facebook ads to reach local and regional areas. We arrive in town early (several days if possible) and build buzz for the show. Open mics and busking never fail to get people asking questions about upcoming shows. A small street team is used to generate some awareness and encourage word of mouth. Other arrangements can be made to best fit in the promotional efforts of the venue.    





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