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Jordan Ashby

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by Jordan Ashby


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Jordan Ashby is a folk rock singer/songwriter from Central Virginia who is currently based in Nashville Tennessee. Jordan’s music is a product of growing up around great music and great musicians. Rhythmic guitar playing, a gritty voice that goes from high to low - loud to soft and a unique writing style all come together to give him an honest sound that can only be found in the homemade section. His live shows are usually just him and his guitar but he is sometimes joined by some friends on stage.

Jordan's music is as real as it sounds. What you hear is what he sounds like. There’s no studio magic going on here. His lyrics come from life experiences and events that most of us can relate to.
"I'm not writing about any major life crises or accomplishments - just real life stuff, ya know, thoughts and feelings that most of us have had at some point. I get a kick out of hearing someone else explain something in a way that I haven't thought of before, and I think other people get a kick out of that too. When someone tells me that one of my songs explains how they feel about something and, for that reason, it hits them in a special way - man, that's the best thing ever - I can’t think of a better compliment. That's why I do it, I guess, along with it just being super fun to sing and play guitar"
- Jordan Ashby





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